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Every company should have technology they can rely on, from a partner they can trust. Expect straightforward, informed, business-focused technology advice.

Your data, safe.

We all know the risks. With the right defenses, policies and technologies in place, the worst-case will only ever be an inconvenience.

Work smarter, not harder

Let’s work together to keep you at the leading edge of what technology has to offer. Streamlining your business and realising new opportunities.


The world of work has changed and we’ve changed too. Plain IT support just doesn’t cut it anymore. We support YOU to get your work done, wherever, whenever and whatever device you use.


IT Support

We need technology that we can rely on, it's fundamental to the way we work these days. Plain old IT support doesn't cut it anymore. We use multiple devices - computers, smartphones, tablets - some our own, some the company's. Having support contracts based on the company own IT assets just doesn't fit the bill. We say, any technology you need to use for work, we'll support. It's about keeping you productive.


We all know the risks. Cyber-security can't be an afterthought these days, it needs to be woven into your policies and IT infrastructure. Plan for the worst, expect the best. Let's work together to certify you to the Government-backed CyberEssentialsPlus standards. Wear the CyberEssentials accredited badge and let your clients know that they're in safe hands.

Creating Solutions

No two businesses are the same, and no two IT solutions are same either. We design bespoke solutions to your business' requirements. We combine the best of premise-based, mobile, hosted and cloud to help you unlock the real potential of technology, helping you streamline your processes and realise new business opportunities. Let's discuss.

Backup and Replication

Data - your company's crown jewels. We have to keep it safe, backed-up and secure from cyber-threat, hardware failure, or accidental deletion, whilst working within legal and compliance constraints. We offer full off-site back-up and replication facilities to keep your data safe and secure. In disaster strikes, we can get you back on track, swiftly.

Office 365 and Azure

We are a Microsoft Cloud Partner and Office 365 specialist. Office365 provides a full range of business applications and services allowing you to realise big business benefits at costs that work for small and mid-sized companies, all without the need for up-front capital costs. Let's work together to see if the benefits of Office365 make it the right choice for your organisation.


At Wealdnet we offer full hosting facilities, from raw computing with 'root' or 'admin' level access, to fully hosted applications. All come with full 24x7 technical support, data back-up, and are hosted in our ISO 27001 compliant facility.  WordPress to run your company's website, a fully-featured Asterisk PBX as your office phone system, what will you put in your Wealdnet cloud?

IT Support
Creating solutions
Backup and Business Continuity
Office 365 and Azure
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