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About us.

Mike Nelson introduces Weald IT


About Us
29 Years of providing
IT Support

Over the last 29 years, Weald has built a reputation as one of the most established and technically advanced providers of IT support in Sussex, Kent, London and Hampshire, currently with 18 staff and a turnover of £2m.  We are proud to be able to truly state that we still have our first client and our first engineer, and many more examples of long serving staff and clients are available as references.

Our Vision:

To be the most empowering IT services provider to all businesses with a serious desire to have an efficient, effective, smart and above all secure & reliable IT system

What you can expect from us


About Us 29 Years

Weald provide the exact support we need, expertly tailoring their service to meet our ongoing and changing requirements.
Chris Richardson, Deacon & Richardson

What we do:

We provide excellent service to our clients resulting in lots of referral business.

We employ really great people.

We operate within a 2 hour travelling radius of our bases in Uckfield and Brighton.

We do name our staff and show their positions within the company.

We do have a vision – it’s all about empowering our clients to get more out of IT for their business.

We are proactive and willing to invest and scale with our clients.

Ethical, Empowering and Effective.

What we don’t do:

We don’t send “sales people” to see you – we send experts, who are either engineers or IT directors.

We don’t make excuses, we tell it how it is.

We don’t do the blame game – “it’s the software people, no, it’s the other vendor”

Why should you consider changing to Weald IT?

• We listen, very carefully, to our clients specific requirements

• We provide commercial and effective solutions

• We’re totally transparent, it’s easy to make comparisons

• We give specific quotations right down to part numbers

• We know what works best for different industries

• We don’t sell, we listen

• We never forget whose money we’re spending

• We take pride in what our clients say about us

• After 28 years, we still have our first client and first engineer

• Our growth is controlled and sustainable, our ambitions are moderate.


Weald is an excellent long term business partner for any company looking for a serious IT provider.

2013/2014 Stats – 16 staff & £1.5m
2014/2015 Stats – 16 Staff & 1.57m (acquired G2 support LLP)
2015/2016 Stats – Accounts filed here  – £2m TO, 18 staff,
2016/2017 Stats – £2m, 18 staff
2017 – Opening of Portsmouth branch.

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