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Hosting options and pricing – call us to find out more

Hosting options and pricing

We are not the cheapest, but we are really easy to deal with - we do it all for you - you simply call or email our support desk. The pricing is very reasonable.  We will do deals for those with lots of domains or needing many virtual servers.  We do host for other ISP's (dealers) as we are larger and more experienced than many in this area.

  • Web site registration
  • DNS management
  • Web Site Hosting
  • Hosted Virtual Servers (VPS)
  • Infrastructure as a service
  • Co Location - put your physical servers in our racks
  • Secure Certificates - from single to wildcard



Pricing information (all ex. VAT)

Reg & DNS (inc registrar fees)
£ 19.99 per annum or £ 2.00 per month

Web Site hosting (includes Reg & DNS)
£ 119.00 per annum or £ 10.00 per month

Can be either Windows (IIS) or Linux based Hosting.  WordPress and various standard CMS are supported.

Dedicated VPS (Virtual private servers)
Can be Windows or Linux
From £ 100/month for a 4 core, 100GB, 4GB RAM
Backup included.
On resilient virtual infrastructure split between two geographically separate T3 data centres.


Helpdesk - Get Support !