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IT Security Solutions.

IT Security Solutions

Why do our clients choose us for their IT Security Solutions?

We’re good at IT Security – fundamentally, because of long experience and an ability to address the “real” reasons behind compromise and infection.  We wrote our first Linux based firewall on RedHat back in about 1999, which was at the time, market leading.

We continuously update ourselves on all aspects of IT security, from ransomware, phishing & spear phishing & more recently – middle man attacks, where email security is compromised.
We maintain internal documentation on best practice for the type of clients that Weald specialises in.

We know from experience that user education & putting in place excellent backup & DR are the two key areas that make the most difference to security with the least cost.  General IT best practice serves extremely well too when followed regularly to the letter.

Useful document by Weald IT – to help implement security in your business.
This document is a little blunt, but to the point.
Download document here – Security and phishing

You’ll have peace of mind with Weald IT security solutions

Weald uses high quality security brands like SonicWALL, Juniper, HP, Trend. We will advise on the best products for your business’ needs. We will source and install them, for you, quickly and efficiently and will have detailed conversations about the level to which we can reduce risk.

All security installations and any changes to configuration are subject to a controlled process, followed by an external port scan to ensure that nothing has been missed.  Only a limited number of Weald staff have access to firewalls to make change.

We can help carry out user education, then carry out measured spear phishing and penetration tests and provide you with the results to enable further in-house training with specific users or groups.

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What makes Weald IT different?

Along with the listening skills alluded to elsewhere on the web site, the key to security is all about experience, strong technical ability and communication.

The next step

Call us, have a free meeting and informative discussion with us.  We think you will be impressed, and even after just one free meeting – you’ll probably be just that bit safer.


IT Security Solutions


We have been using a Wealdnet dedicated server for our Charity website for 5 years and have had 100% uptime. Always very quick to respond to any requests. All in all, I am very happy with the service we have had from Weald.
David Pledger, Born Free Foundation
We outsourced our I.T. function to Weald thereby freeing up more Partner time for our clients. We’ve benefited immensely from Weald’s experience, they clearly have expert knowledge which means we are always one step ahead of any new industry developments.
Nick Rawson, Knill James

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