New ‘Spear Phishing’ Service

This year has seen a huge increase in the number of businesses experiencing cyber crime and whilst defences are improving from the various security providers, so is the sophistication of the attacks.

Weald continues to evolve its offerings, now including an in-house run ‘Spear phishing campaign’ in which we deliberately target our clients (at their request). We then measure the results and then carry out more detailed user training where required. Weald provides a free one page document to help users identify phishing and a number of other scams before clicking the links within emails.

User education, backup and replication with fast restore times plus just normal good IT Management are the things which consistently show as making the biggest difference for the least cost.

Cyber insurance is probably also something that most SME’s should now be discussing and considering as the statistics show that some 49% of attacks result in business disruption.  Cyber insurance can represent excellent value when compared to the length of outage represented by a full restoration of servers (subject to the type of backup device in place and rate of transfer **).

Backup and Replication

**We note that with planning and investment it is possible to build a backup & replication system which can get you back running fully within a few hours, but in most smaller companies this is not yet in place and typically backups are to slower devices which take a while to restore from.

See our dedicated security page for more information.