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Online Backup & Disaster Recovery

Online backup and replication with Weald means a quick return to ‘business as normal’

Successful businesses recognise that any sort of disaster is likely to have a catastrophic impact. Weald work with forward thinking businesses to put good disaster recovery plans in place.  Online backup and particularly replication to another server will ensure swift recovery.

Our clients benefit from peace of mind and the assurance that no matter how serious your disaster might be, it will quickly be ‘business as normal’.

Why Weald are so good at online backup and disaster recovery

We empower businesses and their staff to put in place, understand, use and test a disaster recovery strategy, and a continuity plan. This should indicate the recovery point objective (RPO) and recovery time objective (RTO) for various business processes (such as the process to run payroll, generate an order, etc.).

Putting this in English..It is important to realise how quickly you need a particular service back running, and how much data & time you are willing to lose.  The speed of backup and speed of restoration is directly relational to the speed and quality of the equipment that you backup to.  There are options on both BACKUP and REPLICATION.  For those wanting almost instant working servers, then REPLICATING to another virtual server is a good option.

We have several products and key partners who help us put the best measures in place for your business, including:

  • Veeam – In our opinion, the fastest, most efficient Virtual Backup system.  ( Weald is a Veeam Silver Partner).  We have two Veeam Cloud Connect repositories, one in Uckfield and one in a Datacentre based in Maidenhead.  Veeam cloud connect allows the Veeam backups to sync off site for those clients with a good fast upstream internet connection.
  • Shadow Protect  – Weald is a Managed Services Partner for Shadow, we have a repository and DR system here in Uckfield). Shadow provides the best, most cost effective way to get DR off site over DSL or DSL-Fibre.
  • Vembu Store Grid – Weald is a managed services provider for Vembu with a repository based in our Reading data centre facility.  Vembu has the advantage of very low tariff software thus enabling us to compete in high quantity desktop environments.

Backup and Replication


Mike and his colleagues are a very reliable team who have helped us greatly over the last thee years. Whatever problem we encounter they seem to have a solution which they deliver quickly and at a fair price.
John Kelly, Square One Financial Planning LLP
Please pass our appreciation on to all the team that assisted us getting back up and running.  The decisive test of any service is when things do go wrong and you have minimised the amount of down time we suffered which was great.
Dave Hiscock, Foxdown Construction Ltd


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