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Cloud Based Phone Systems for business

The ‘possible’ demise of ISDN2 and PSTN by 2025, and some elements by 2020 has created a momentum for change for some.  The new normal is to use Cloud Based Phone Systems. There are a number of carriers and systems available and Weald is in a great position to advise.

Cloud Based Phone Systems for business

We offer a number of Cloud Based Phone Systems for dialling and receiving calls, through a number of possible carriers.

With practical hands on experience in Cloud Based hosted platforms from multiple providers, we are in a strong position to offer impartial advice.

As a business with a reliance on phone systems ourselves and more than six years using cloud based phone technology, we will help your business make an informed choice.

What is VoIP or a Cloud Based phone system?
Are cloud and VoIP the same thing?
We can answer this for you, clearly explaining how it all works.

Microsoft’s Phone System

Microsoft’s Phone System enables call control and PBX capabilities in Office 365, effectively replacing your on-premises telephony hardware. Pair it with Direct Routing or Calling Plan and your users will get full calling capabilities in Office 365.

You can now make clear, reliable calls with Microsoft Teams or Skype for Business.  Teams in Office 365 provides business calling for people on a global scale, combining Phone System with Direct Routing and/or Calling Plan.

Teams is an application that runs on Windows, or will run on Apple or Android.  This allows you to make and take calls on your mobile phone over a wireless data network in and out of the office.

The cost of the Microsoft Phone System is £ 6.00 ex. VAT per user per month.  This is the replacement for your PBX.

Direct Routing

Direct Routing allows your company to choose who provides voice lines to Office 365. With a global reach, customers can select providers based on where telephony services are needed.  You can choose to use the Microsoft Cloud Based phone system, but route your calls via a SIP provider such as Gamma or Gradwell or indeed, route via Microsoft.

Calling Plan

With Calling Plan, you get an easy way to give your employees full calling capabilities in Teams. Great for customers who want the simplest possible voice management for their users.  One unified solution that sees internal contacts, skype contacts, video calling, voice calling whether over mobile, PSTN, ISDN – simply just a contact.

If you have an existing provider, such as Gamma or Gradwell, no calling plan is necessary.

Microsoft offer Domestic and International calling plans on a per user basis – therefore, the whole thing can be handle via Microsoft.

A Microsoft Domestic Calling plan including 240 minutes per user is £ 9.10 per user per month, (3.8 pence per minute, including the service and SIP trunk).

Transforming your business communications

Transorming your business phone systems, but testing it on ourselves first.  We are currently (October 2018) migrating from a hosted VPS running Asterisk to the Microsoft Phone system.

This is an exciting change for Weald, leaving the traditional handsets behind to use our PC’s with headsets.  We will use mobile phone “Teams” clients for home & remote use.


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