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Security – how to secure your network

Security - how to secure your network

IT Security advice and solutions from experienced professional staff who have been working on firewalls since 2001. Genuine deep knowledge of products and attack tecqniques from phishing to brute force. Ethical phishing and hacking and security reviews available.

Step 1.
Please review this link (will open in a new tab)

Step 2.
Possibly some of the recommendations within this tab will expose certain shortcomings on your network.
Anything from:
Still using PPTP VPN's and needing to move to SSL VPN
Needing a PEN test (penetration test)
Needing some Phishing testing on staff
Needing to log and analyse external access or attacks
Needing to log or analyse internal internet access.
Installing suitable endpoint protection with suitable set up
Cutting down the use of outbound ports (ransomware)
Suitable policies and procedures for leavers

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Typical solutions

Reviewing everything very thoroughly, looking at policies and procedures, how the network can be accessed, staff awareness & training, whether people use mobile devices and take laptops outside. Are they encrypted, do the users know about shoulder surfing - and so it goes on.

Sonicwall firewalls.
Trend AV (Cloud version)
Malware Bytes end point
Windows 10 Pro - use Bitlocker for laptops
Mobile Device Management (365)

Typical products:

Sonicwall TZ400 Firewall Advanced Edition 3 years
Comprehensive gateway security suite
Advanced Capture Threat Protection
Sonicwall SSL VPN 5 User licence
Suitable SSL Certificate for SSL VPN
Setting it up correctly.
Probable cost of around £ 2000 ex. VAT
Might appear expensive, but excellent protection and it is a 3 year pack.

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