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Cloud Based VoIP Phone Systems for Business

What is a cloud based phone system?  typically this means the PBX that you used have screwed to the wall is now hosted somewhere on the internet and your handsets connect to it over the internet.

What is VoIP? It is the protocol which allows voice to transmit over the internet.

We were an early adopter, moving to hosted in 2006.  We are now in our 3rd iteration – we are very aware of the capabilities and also the pitfalls.  You can benefit from our experience.

VoIP phone for business

We offer a range of options:

From the very low cost, £ 3.00 per user per month, just for one man and his phone.
Internet based fax services are available too – from 10p per fax per month.  Some still use them!

To the middle ground – where you have perhaps 20 staff, wanting the lowest cost option – we offer a hosted Asterisk system which is a flat rate of say £ 100/month for the hosted server, then connect 20 staff to it, using anything from a USB headset and software, to a handset which might cost £ 75.00 – this provides a fully featured, reliable system for £ 5.00/user per month.

To the future, and the more integrated, fully featured “unified communications” that Microsoft provides with it’s Cloud Based Phone System.  Using Microsoft Teams software and an add-on to Office 365, this service has all the features and is very easy to use.


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