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VoIP Phone Systems | Sussex, Kent & Hampshire | Asterisk

VoIP Phone Systems for Business in Sussex, Kent and Hampshire

VoIP Phone Systems for Business - Sussex, Kent and Hampshire.

We offer VoIP phone systems to business, from 1 user to 200.

We use the VoIP ourselves, in fact were an early adopter in 2006.  Today it is extremely reliable, very low cost in terms of running and call costs and very easy and cheap to add more users with off-the-shelf Grandstream Phones, Softphones or mobile SIP clients.

For clients with 10+ users, we offer hosted Asterisk based phone systems - which can do almost anything - voicemail, call recording, hunt groups - you name it - it will be available and is customisable per client.

Each client has its own hosted vps server, with its own web interface and may have a variable size depending on call recording requirements.

We charge from £ 50.00 per month to host a 50GB linux server that runs the phone system.  We also back it up to our second data centre location within that price.  If you need more storage for a call recording system, then we can increase based on £1.00 per GB per month.

You may add as many extensions you like for the flat hosting fee per month hosting fee (not per handset like most of our competitors).

We do have to charge for channels, a bit like the old ISDN channels - we are looking at concurrent channels in and out.

These are called SIP trunks and cost £ 3.50 per month each.

For clients with less that 10 users and relatively simple requirements, typically we will choose from Gradwell Hosted, or Gamma's Horizon system.  These are low cost, easy to use for the client and have the reliability offered by these large providers.


A client has 10 staff that need phones.
Buy 10 handsets (we use Grandstream but you can choose others)
approx £ 100 each.

Ongoing charges £ 50.00 per month hosting
Maybe 10 channels if they are very busy on phones - but if not, 5
5 x £ 3.50 = £ 17.50
Total recurring £ 67.50 per month ex VAT

Excludes call charges.
We charge the standard Gradwell Tarriff and bill monthly.
Full spreadsheet breakdown is sent with bill.

VoIP is as good as the line you have.
Consider carefully:
Do I need a leased line?
How many VDSL lines should I have?
Should I separate voice traffic (QoS or VLAN)?

We can help you make these decisions and get the system right so that you don't get the jitters.

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